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Marianne Rogoff

Marianne Rogoff is the author of the memoir Silvie’s Life (Zenobia Press, Berkeley, 1995; Gradiva, Lisbon, 2006), which has been adopted for courses in medical ethics and optioned for film. Travelers Tales has selected her stories for The Best Women’s Travel Writing (2011, 2010, 2008) and The Best Travel Writing (2006). Her feature essays and book reviews have appeared in The Rumpus, San Francisco Chronicle, and Bloomsbury Review, among others. She teaches Writing & Literature at California College of the Arts and Big History at Dominican University, and leads annual weeklong trips for writers to Mexico, Spain, and elsewhere. Read more at

Love Is Blind in One Eye: 7 Stories

In these linked stories Jewel navigates the stage of life between 25 and 45, from the day she finds a body on a wild California beach to crossroads encounters with mystics, lovers, beggars, surgeons, and sailors on the shores of Maui and streets of San Miguel de Allende, Lisbon, Larkspur, Mill Valley, and Barcelona. Falling in love, whether with the one she marries, her newborn babies, total strangers, or the places she goes, calls forth conflicting sensations: ease/excitement, pleasure/danger, attachment/release. One eye sees and the other is blind as Jewel learns to love and grieve by staying in motion, finding and losing her way in the crowds and landscapes, heart cracked open.

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