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Laura Fraser

Laura Fraser is a San Francisco–based journalist and writing mentor whose latest travel memoir, All Over the Map, is a sequel to her 2001 New York Times best seller, An Italian Affair. She was the cofounder and editorial director of Shebooks.

The Risotto Guru: Adventures in eating Italian

A Sardinian wedding feast, the search for the perfect seaside pasta with wild fennel, meeting a risotto master: Laura Fraser journeys from the SpaghettiOs of her American childhood to savor the best of Italian cuisine and the culture that cooked it up. Using the same dreamy, delicious type of prose that made An Italian Affair a best-selling memoir, these essays will delight readers who loved that book, and all who love Italian food and culture. Sumptuous descriptions of Italian meals—and the passion that goes into them—make this e-book a mouthwatering, uplifting pleasure. In “Italy in 17 Courses,” Fraser uses the pace and order of the dishes in a wedding feast to muse on her own introduction to Italian food, and how it changed her from a diet-obsessed vegetarian to a pasta and pancetta connoisseur. “An Affair to Remember” explores themes of food and nostalgia, and how a good meal can lift the spirit. In “The Risotto Guru,” Fraser writes a funny spoof of New Age gurus as she searches to perfect her own risotto. Warning: Do not read on an empty stomach.

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Whatever Doesn’t Kill You

Shebooks, a publisher of short e-books by and for women, has compiled its best memoirs into this print anthology. In “Ricochet: Two women war reporters and a friendship under fire,” award-winning journalist Mary Jo McConahay explores the personal toll of war reporting in Central America. Playwright and author Barbara Graham’s delicate “Camp Paradox” takes on the taboo topic of women abusing younger girls. Susan Ito’s “The Mouse Room” is the quirky tale of a young woman working in a genetics lab trying to find her own birth mother. Author Faith Adiele’s “The Nigerian-Nordic Girls’ Guide to Lady Problems” makes a trip to the gynecologist’s office funny, while exposing racial disparities in women’s health care. Award-winning short story writer Ethel Rohan’s “Out of Dublin” is an exquisite tale of emotional survival. In the gorgeous “Nest. Flight. Sky.” memoirist Beth Kephart muses on her mother’s death and her new-found obsession with birds.

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