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Carol Merchasin

Carol Merchasin is a lawyer, trainer, and speaker who moved to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, in 2005, when she understood about 20 percent of everything going on around her. After years of inquiry, that percentage is increasing but varies from day to day. This is her first book. She and her husband live with a dog and two birds and split their time between San Miguel de Allende and a beach town they refuse to name. You can find out more about her and Mexico at her website,

How it Goes in Mexico

Carol Merchasin first visited San Miguel de Allende in 1996, fell in love with its language, people, and culture, and moved there full-time with her husband in 2005. A lawyer by training, Merchasin is curious about how everything around her in Mexico works—the health care system, religious rituals, loaning money, small change at the market, narcotrafficantes, telenovelas, and the subtleties between the verbs ser and estar. An intrepid researcher, she informally consults her neighbors, history books, and experts until she’s satisfied. In How It Goes in Mexico, her essays are by turns funny and poignant, and her portrayal of Mexico is neither romantic nor wary but respectful and compassionate. Carol Merchasin is a cheerful guide to take you behind the stone walls of San Miguel de Allende, inside not only the courtyards and gardens but the culture, history, and people.

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