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Rachel Lehmann-Haupt

Rachel Lehmann-Haupt is an author, editor, and media strategist living in Sausalito, California. Her writing on gender politics and the influence of science and technology on culture has appeared in the New York Times, Newsweek, New York, Vogue, Self, Outside, Wired, the New York Observer, and MSN Money. She is the author of In Her Own Sweet Time: Unexpected Adventures in Finding Love, Commitment, and Motherhood (Basic Books).

DIY Mom: A solo parenting adventure

A candid, wry memoir about how a “half-liberated” woman stops waiting for Mr. Right and chooses to have a baby on her own. From the decision to freeze her own eggs and the selection of a sperm donor to her multiple attempts to become pregnant to taking her profile off, the author explains how she came to make “the best decision of her life.”

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